As an artist, my work explores space and place as related to landscape. My interest lies in the process of translating the scale, the narrative and the vibrancy of the natural world, to the language of painting. I draw inspiration from the direct experience of being out in nature as well as from an image bank made up of personal photographs, art books, and the internet. 

Trying to convey the geographical features of the landscape as well as alternative ones derived from my imagination, I insert other elements or characters from real life or fairy tales. There is nature, real and fictional, the present and the past. There are also memories mingled with images from other paintings. 

I represent this mélange by marks, shapes, line, color, and hue. I use oil and encaustic as my main medium for its richness and sensuality. It is a transformation of the landscape by re-making it in paint. The subject matter becomes as important as the magical effect of the thick or runny paint on a surface. What to paint is as significant as how to paint.

As an educator, I want to transmit the thoroughness of art as a reference for curiosity, 

question-asking and problem-solving for the expansion of knowledge.